Bruna Guedes


Bonsai Tree

Environment modeling, texturing, compositing, lighting and rendering. 


All materials created were photoscaned and processed in Metashape, I baked the maps out of the scanned materials and tiled them in either substance designer or photoshop. All painted textures were created in substance painter using the created materials along with the program’s varied tools.

Software: Maya, Speedtree, Metashape Agisoft, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop.

Rendered with: Redshift

Game Environment

Environment modeling, texturing, compositing, lighting and rendering. 


Far From Home

Environment compositing, lighting and rendering. 

Software: Maya, Substance Painter

Rendered with: Arnold

Wall-E Character Modeling

Software: Maya

Antique Telephone Model

Software: Maya

Water Well - 3D Model

Software: Maya

Pyro Portal Effect

Software: Houdini
Rendered with: Karma (Houdini)

VOLCANO TERRAIN - Procedural 3D Model

A Volcano terrain created entirely in Houdini. The Kanaga Volcano, located in Alaska was the main inspiration in the creation of this terrain. 


Software: Houdini


The Night King - Game of Thrones (WIP)

Software: ZBrush

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